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NCM Odor & Dust Control products are all manufactured at our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant, ensuring our products are made under the strictest of quality control regulations. All products are biodegradable and their active ingredients are all found on GRAS (generally recommended as safe) and FDA lists for cosmetic & food additives. If you have any questions please contact us.

Odor Control Neutralizers

EPA Compliance Neutralizers


NCM has engineered 3 specific neutralizers targeted for facilities that are
operating in the public eye. Sites sometimes face strong opposition from regulatory
agencies and the public. Public opposition groups often form and even fines can occur.
Our EF line is designed for those sites that require an odor control neutralizer which
has passed the highest regulatory requirements for safety and are in compliance
with EPA toxicity test guidelines.

SL – Neutralizer Group

SL-950SL-2000SL 4000

Our SL Neutralizer line offers a variety of odor control neutralizers that range in
dilution ratios, costs, application methods, and may be used to treat a variety
of odorous compounds. The SL line offers a variety of multi-dimensional
odor control products, involving neutralization, absorption and alteration.
These neutralizers interact synergistically with odor molecules.


Eco-Zyme Neutralizer

This neutralizer is premixed at our plant to allow for easy application
without requiring the end user to dilute the material while on site. This neutralizer
has been specifically engineered for use in compactors, dumpsters and residential
containers. Eco-Zyme will aid in eliminating the odors for the end user while
minimizing maintenance by the container provider. This is a low cost highly
effective option tested and approved in Northeast, Midwest and Southeast

Odor Granules ODRG

This line of odor control neutralizers is in the solid form. These neutralizers
are used in rail car containers, personal containers, dumpsters, compost
facilities, landfills, and transfer stations. These are low-cost neutralizers that have long
lasting effects and can be used for any situation that requires odor neutralization
and absorption.

Enzyme Products

NCM has engineered a wide range of enzyme based products. These
enzyme based products are available in liquid form fortified with our SL
Neutralizer or in powder form. This line has products available to aid in reducing
organic odors, ammonia levels, suspended solids and BOD / COD levels. Our powder
line of enzyme based products is designed to be used in leachate collection tanks
and ponds as well as wastewater treatment facilities.

Anti – Foam

NCM engineers have designed a product specifically formulated to
eliminate foaming during the transferring of leachate from site to collection tank
and collection tank to transportation vehicle.


Dust Control

This product is designed and tested to be used in a water truck or misting
system application via fan or linear spray system. Construction & Demolition (C&D)
facilities who are looking for a product to enhance wetting and eliminate fine dust
particles should please contact NCM to discuss this product.

Foam Neutralizer

NCM engineers have designed a foaming neutralizer that is like no
other in the market to treat odors associated with Superfund sites, remediation
sites, sludge / bio-solids facilities, and landfills digging up old cells, creating
new cells or expanding a site's gas well operation. This product is a direct
application neutralizer that can be used all year round in any weather condition. No
other foaming agent on the market is designed to neutralize odors and be used in
any weather condition. This product is designed to be used in our Portable Terra
Foam Odor Control System.


SL-4000 | Granules

The odor neutralization process is effective against certain, specific types of waste related odors. These are typically derivatives of sulfur and ammonia. SL-1000, SL-2000 and SL-4000 contain a highly effective odor neutralization system to address this class of odors and convert them into odor-free, stable, non-harmful compounds. Extremely good results can be achieved in a closed system, such as a scrubber, where direct contact with the odorous air stream is achieved. In a transfer station or an open landfill, the neutralization process is less effective due to the large areas and air volumes needing control and limitations on saturation contact. Utilizing the correct product application system will greatly enhance the performance of the product and allow for the achievement of the best results. NCM Odor Control’s experts will work with you in the selection of the most suitable system for your site. 

Granules - ODGR

ODGR is a granular product containing a specific blend of odor neutralizers, natural botanicals and emulsifying agents. ODGR is effective against waste related odors, typically derivatives of sulfur and ammonia. ODGR contains a highly effective odor neutralization system to address this class of odors and convert them into odor-free, stable, non-harmful compounds. ODGR is naturally formulated, safe, effective and biodegradable.



SUPER DEGREASER offers thorough penetration on encrusted grease and grime. SUPER DEGREASER is safe for the removal of gum, grease, wax, dye, ink, lipstick, dirt and carbon deposits on ovens, range hoods, vents, broilers, grills, floors, walls, tables, and all food equipment.

Enzyme based Products - SL-1000 Plus | SL-4000 Plus | EZ-2020 | EZ-2010

EZ-2010 is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in degrading many types of waste. EZ-2010 contains a specially formulated blend of microorganisms, micro/macronutrients, and surface tension suppressants/penetrants. Because of the diversity of the microorganisms and enzyme systems incorporated into this product, it is excellent for use in municipal wastewater applications. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult municipal wastewater problems.

Digest A-5000

Digest A-5000 contains high potency bacteria, fungi and synergistic anaerobes which are useful for degrading many types of compost waste. Digest A-5000 attacks the raw materials in a compost pile and converts it into stable, odorless humus. Because of the diversity of its microorganisms and enzyme systems, this product is excellent for accelerated composting degradation. Its safe, naturally occurring bacteria and enzyme systems are present in high numbers.


Dust Control

POYMERIC DUST CONTROL PDC is a concentrated liquid additive which incorporates advanced Polymer Technology to aid in the agglomeration of dust particles in C & D handling applications at transfer stations and landfills.It combines rapid surface tension reduction for fast wetting together with particle agglomeration to provide longer lasting, rapid dust control. PDC is formulated for use diluted to very low concentrations. It is a highly active blend of absorbant polymers and wetting agents designed to enhance the wetting and the elimination of fine dust particles, by building the agglomerate size and retarding particle degradation. These properties provide excellent adhesion of fine particulates associated with D & C waste and dirt. Using Polymeric Dust Control PDC assures rapid, longer lasting control of extraneous dust, thus reducing the need for additional protective apparatus and equipment. The unique blend of organic ingredients is also environmentally friendly.